Baby Munkin vs Other Brands

Baby Munkin has been under development for over 6 months to ensure that a baby's comfort and safety is never at stake. Here are some major differences between Baby Munkin and other brands



Other Brands

Baby Munkin

Hard object free

Pokes your baby while it sleeps, crawls, sits or walks

No snap buttons, so better for your baby's comfort while it's sleeping on the back or on it's stomach, crawling, sitting or walking

Choke hazard free

High risk of choke hazard for your baby with snap buttons being below 1.75 in (4.4 cm)

No threat of choke hazard as there are no small objects that can be pulled by your baby

Velcro type

Rough velcro that can scratch your baby

Baby soft velcro that is smooth on your baby's skin

Velcro placement

Potential rough surface exposure to your baby’s tender skin

Baby's body is exposed to only soft part of the velcro

Diaper pad placement

Cumbersome to insert the pad and exposes your baby to it’s pee for an extended period of time if the whole pad & shell are not changed

Fixes elegantly on top of shell and fixed under the flaps so that it can be easily changed without changing the shell

Leakproof & breathable




Heavier due to snap buttons

Lighter as no plastic components


As the diapers are made to fit from 3 months to 3 years, it causes uncomfortable ergonomics for your baby

Sizing is as per age and weight of your baby, so that your baby's ergonomics is not compromised


Only Wrap On type
Pull Up & Wrap On types