The idea of washing dirty diapers can seem daunting but once you get used to it, it won’t be so bad. By choosing cloth diapers you are making a big difference by reducing the terrible impact disposable diapers are having on earth. To get started, let’s go over the basics.

Step 1 : Dump any solid waste  into the toilet

Dump any poop on the diaper or on the diaper pad into the toilet bowl. Scrape off any solids using a flat instrument you can keep handy for this purpose in the bathroom. You can also use a health faucet to spray the solid poops into the toilet.Just be that the poop is removed.

Step 2 : Store the load till you have batch to wash

Rinse the diaper/ diaper pad, and keep in a bucket of water or a separate pail dedicated to hold soiled diapers till you are ready to wash a batch. 


Step 3 : Washing the batch

Prewash the diaper/ diaper pads in cold water and with regular to warm  water with a cloth diaper safe detergent. You can wash them either by hand or in the machine. Ensure you press the diaper/ diaper pads flat to remove excess water. Do not wring. Wringing the diaper pads will cause damage to the leak proof layer.


Step 4 : Drying the batch

The best way to dry diapers and diaper pads is in the sun. Drying in the sun kills bacteria and It also helps extend the life of the diapers and the pads. It also keeps them fresh, light and airy and prevents fungal growth when dried fully. If you are not able to dry them in the sun, you can use the dryer on a low setting.