Baby Munkin has 2 types of cloth diapers based on the fastening at the waist.

Velrco / Wrap On Style

In the velcro style, the diaper is openable at the waist. To make the baby wear this type of a diaper, it is best if the baby is the sleeping position.

When babies are little, it is easier to dress them in velcro/ warp on style diapers. So at Baby Munkin, the Velcro / Wrap On style diaper is available for ages newborn to 2 years, which are sizes New Born, Small, Medium & Large.

Elastic / Pull Up Style

In the elastic style, the waist is closed. This type of a diaper is similar to an underwear which is a pull up style. To make the baby wear this type of a diaper, it is best if the baby is the standing position. 

As babies grow, it is easier to get them to wear underwear style diapers. So at Baby Munkin, the Elastic / Pull Up style diaper is available for ages 9 months to 3 years, which are sizes Medium & Large and Extra Large.

Size New Born Small Medium Large  Extra Large
Velcro / Wrap On Style Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Elastic / Pull Up Style No No Yes Yes Yes