Baby Munkin innovates for your baby

When our founder first saw the cloth diapers that were being sold in the market, she was shocked. The question she asked was :

"Does this not poke a baby? As adults we will not wear under wear with buttons, then why are we doing this to our babies? Is it because they don't have a voice to complain?"

This lead to a project of 6 months where after multiple iterations & trying multiple fabrics and techniques, what is today's Baby Munkin is brought to you. Baby Munkin is India's First Poke Free Cloth Diaper and we promise that we will strive to continually innovate for your little one.

Here are the main features of Baby Munkin

No Snap Buttons

Brands and manufacturers before Baby Munkin have been designing cloth diapers with the idea that the same diaper should be useable from 3 months of baby's age upto 3 years. While this reduces complexity for brands, babies get poked. What is worse is that a loose snap button is a choke hazard risk for the baby.

At Baby Munkin's, we have sized the diaper as per baby's age/weight similar to how we as adults buy our underwear, so that the concept of hard snap buttons could be done away with. 

Diaper Pad Is Leak Proof, Not The Diaper

With the current fabric technology available, cloth diapers will not match the performance of disposable diapers in terms of absorption or leak arrest. While disposable diapers are convenient, they are not eco friendly as they are one of the biggest problems in landfills. Another issue is that since their absorption is so efficient, parents will not be able to tell when the baby is ready for a change.

In cloth diaper construction of most brands, the diaper is made leakproof & the diaper pads are not leakproof.  In this construction, it is a possible that the diaper pad inside is full of pee and wet, but the parents will never know as the diaper shell is leakproof. This could causes rashes for the baby.

In Baby Munkin's design, we have made the diaper pad with highly absorbing top layers so that the baby's skin never feels wet. The bottom layers of the diaper pad are leak proof so that the liquid holding capacity of the pad increases. If Baby Munkin's diaper pad leaks, the diaper will get wet, indicating to parents that it is indeed time for a change. 

Flaps To Fix Diaper Pad In Place

In most cloth diaper brands, the diaper shell has an opening at the waist band to push the absorbing cloth through the inside of the diaper by hands. There are a couple of issues with this design. One, it is very tough to put one's hand through the diaper and set the pad in place. Two, if the pad gets wet, the baby's skin is still exposed to wetness.

In Baby Munkin's design, we have made flaps on either ends of the waist. On the inside side of the flaps, there is soft velcro to hold the diaper pad. The diaper pad can now be easily placed over the diaper and fixed with the velcro under the flaps of the diaper.


Baby Munkin is a brand from the family of brands at Yashram House Of Brands.

The core philosophy at Yashram has been to innovate for the needs of people when they are most vulnerable. Be it camisoles for young girls to feel confident with their growing bodies, period panties to prevent stains, or inner wear for older women who experience leaks due to the stress their bodies have endured during their pregnancies, we have been at the forefront of innovation. We hold a patent in India and USA for our product Period Panty, that is helping girls have a stain-free period for over a decade now.