It is estimated that it takes 500 years for one diaper to decompose in a landfill. And not only do they affect the earth as a landfill,  some disposable diapers are made of harmful chemicals which emit toxic gasses and hazardous chemicals into the atmosphere.

Cloth Diapers versus Disposable Diapers

  1. Cloth diapers end up being cheaper than disposable diapers in the long run
  2. Cloth diapers tend to be gentler on baby’s skin as the wetness is more quickly observed by parents
  3. Babies that use cloth diapers tend to get potty trained earlier than babies that use disposable diapers
  4. Disposable diapers contain chemicals, dyes and gel can cause irritation to baby’s skin
  5. The gel used inside disposable diapers are toxic if exposed. It can cause harm to babies and pets if ingested.