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Product Details


  • Pair With Highly Absorbent Leakproof Diaper Pads & Just Pull ‘Em Up. Just That Simple.
  • Designed Specifically For Babies With Super Soft Elastic To Ensure That Your Baby Is Not Scratched Or Irritated.
  • The Dry Feel And Super Absorbent Diaper Pad Are Leakproof And It Is An Added Layer Between Your Baby's Skin And Wetness.
  • This Ensures That Your Baby’s Delicate Skin Is Always Protected. Stay Green, Safe And Clean With India's First Line Of Poke-Free Cloth Diapers.

Fabric Detail :

Diaper Shell 

100% Cotton 

Breathable & Skin Friendly

Diaper Pad 

  • Top Layers Are 100% Polyester
  • Bottom Layers Are 100% Cotton With Leak Proof, Breathable Laminate

How To Use

Baby Munkin diapers are designed such that the diaper pads are easily removable so that they can be changed without the whole diaper being changed.

Step 1 : Turn the diaper inside out

Step 2 : Place the diaper pad inside the flaps & secure it to the velcro

Step 3 : Turn back the diaper with the right side out

Step 4 : Baby wears the diaper like a regular underwear

Step 5 : Run your fingers around the elastic at the thighs to ensure the baby is not pinched


How To Wash

The idea of washing dirty diapers can seem daunting but once you get used to it, it won’t be so bad. By choosing cloth diapers you are making a big difference by reducing the terrible impact disposable diapers are having on earth. To get started, let’s go over the basics.

Step 1 : Dump any solid waste  into the toilet

Dump any poop on the diaper or on the diaper pad into the toilet bowl. Scrape off any solids using a flat instrument you can keep handy for this purpose in the bathroom. You can also use a health faucet to spray the solid poops into the toilet.Just be that the poop is removed.

Step 2 : Store the load till you have batch to wash

Rinse the diaper/ diaper pad, and keep in a bucket of water or a separate pail dedicated to hold soiled diapers till you are ready to wash a batch. 


Step 3 : Washing the batch

Prewash the diaper/ diaper pads in cold water and with regular to warm  water with a cloth diaper safe detergent. You can wash them either by hand or in the machine. Ensure you press the diaper/ diaper pads flat to remove excess water. Do not wring. Wringing the diaper pads will cause damage to the leak proof layer.


Step 4 : Drying the batch

The best way to dry diapers and diaper pads is in the sun. Drying in the sun kills bacteria and It also helps extend the life of the diapers and the pads. It also keeps them fresh, light and airy and prevents fungal growth when dried fully. If you are not able to dry them in the sun, you can use the dryer on a low setting.

Size Chart

Finding the right size of diaper for your baby is quite simple. It is based on your baby's weight. Follow the simple table given below as a guide

Baby Munkin Size Guide

Months 0 - 3 months 3 - 6 months 6 - 12 months 12 - 24 months 24 - 36 months
Weight (Kgs) 1 - 5 kgs 4 - 8 kgs  6 - 11 kgs 9 - 14 kgs 12 - 17 kgs
Size New Born (NB) Small (S) Medium (M) Large (L) Xtra Large (XL)
Shipping & Return


Your package should arrive at your doorstep within 3-5 days. It might get delayed for 1-2 days more if your location is at ODA (Out Of Delivery Area).

How do I know if my order is shipped?

As soon as your package ships, we will Email & Whatsapp to your registered email id / mobile number with the tracking information.

I don't live in India. Can I still order on BabyMunkin?

Yes! We offer international shipping, so women all around the world can enjoy our offering from BabyMunkin!

How much does international shipping cost?

Shipping charges for orders outside India are as per actuals from our logistics partners.

I live abroad. How long before I get my order?

We partner only with reputed courier companies and your order could take anywhere from 5-7 days for delivery.

Does BabyMunkin cover taxes and duty for international customers?

Unfortunately not! Our prices don't include these fees (they vary depending on where you are), so import taxes, duties and any other applicable taxes are collected by the local shipping company upon delivery.

Softest on the skin

Baby Munkin has been under development for over 6 months to ensure that a baby's comfort and safety is never at stake. Here are some major differences between Baby Munkin and other brands

Other brands have been designing cloth diapers with the idea that the same diaper should be useable from 3 months of baby's age upto 3 years.
While this reduces complexity for brands, babies get poked. What is worse is that a loose snap button is a choke hazard risk for the baby.
At Baby Munkin's, we have sized the diaper as per baby's age/weight, so hard snap buttons could be done away with.

What People Are Saying

Product is gentle and suitable for a baby's delicate skin.

Arunima Dutta


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